Death, Taxes, and Udemy

2017-04-19 03:47:35 by Mirodim

2017/04/19・Day 223・Death, Taxes, and Udemy

In the fourth episode of The Mirodim Podcast, I talk about being dead for seven months, cheap tutorials, tax returns, and film adaptations.

If you have a question you would like me to read out loud on the podcast, leave it below!

Thanks to @UserSigon, @Dilandoubishop, @ValterValyun, @CoryPlays, and @GumGums for the podcast questions! Additional thanks to @Phil124 for checking up on me in my absence.

Music: "-Space pirates-" by Waterflame. Check out his stuff, and follow him on Newgrounds!


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2017-06-18 17:46:41

hey lmao i remember you, i'm listening.
unreal has not much support for 2d. i mean it's pointed to 3d, but you prob know this already
your voice's so soft, no gay
exactly: something mundane turning drama, exagerated, etc.
oh nice, your voice is really good and honestly, the microphone/Room sounds good enough. if there's some big sibilance i can always try to fix it, but mostly the voice is gonna be *in* the track, so it doesn't need to be crystal clear.

if you are still alive, well no, i'm gonna send you a message, just in case you don't read this.

Mirodim responds:

Hey, I just saw this. I responded to your message, so just hit me back when you come around again.


2017-07-22 17:48:16

RIP. Told you that you shouldve just drawn and not messed around with all the extra crap.