Entry #11

Getting With the Program(ming)

2017-07-26 00:48:09 by Mirodim

For anyone who's curious, I'm not full-dead.

The first half of my year was a little crazy, and when I HAVE made time for creative stuff, I've been defaulting to C++ instead of drawing. Hopefully I'll have something to show on the programming front before to long, but I would like to work drawing back in there, regardless.

I've been thinking about podcast stuff a lot this week, so I may try making something soon. I was kind of demotivated on the podcast stuff by the lack of response to the 4th episode (which is probably my fault for uploading so sporadically), and also the fact that I haven't been drawing lately. But I'm just gonna start talking about what I AM doing, and hopefully more often.

Anyway, you can look forward to seeing that soon. Or don't, and just be surprised when it comes out.


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